Corona has turned home offices from the exception to the ‘new normal’ forcing leaders to not only work but also lead differently!

HR consultancy Hays together with the Rheingold Institute revealed a paradox: while 70% of all leaders say that their employees work more independently, also 70% complain that the time spent looking after them has increased significantly.

It seems that there are 3 manager types in our new hybrid world: 

  1. “Performance Managers“ (>50%): Set clear boundaries paired with higher motivation and control.
  2. “Employee Empowerers“ (ca. 30%): Employees have a lot of freedom, managers rely on independence and self-motivation.
  3. “Business as usual“ (<20%): Managers do not see need to change.

Which style is best? The answer, as always, depends on the perspective: From that of the employees, closely monitoring performance mangers are clearly the least preferred option – stay healthy and confident … 😄