In a first step we should list our job tasks and put a positive or negative smiley next to them: Such list shows us where we stand and whether we do more positive things – or not. 

The next steps relate to your “personal success story“ and “dream job“: When did your strengths shine brightest and what job would you take if you had one wish free? 

Next exercises are to write down with which personalities and under which conditions do you want to work: Chatty colleagues in fancy offices or better clearly defined tasks at home?

The last steps deal with your personal goals and values: What minimum salary do you expect? Are you striving to be a leader or are you more happy as a team member? And finally: Which values are indispensable for you at work? 

If you have all these 6 steps in writing, you will definitely know more about your strengths and preferences – stay healthy and confident … 😄